Many children begin to ‘suck’ on their way in the womb. Sucking is a natural reflex that babies are born with, it is important for their survival. It is part of Suck, Swallow Breathing mechanism, evolving in time during the meal and is responsible for supporting and developing the many functions and human behavior. You can prevent thumb sucking of your child with thumb sucking guard.

Many babies enjoy a puppet or a thumb to soothe themselves when they are upset or tired. Just behind the upper front teeth, there are nerves and blood supply. This specific area is stimulated in the thumb, fingers or stuffed suck.

Studies show that when this happens, neurotransmissions reducing hormones in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin are released. These hormones cause a sense of calm, comfort and relaxation.

Because they get older, many children continue to suck the fingers and thumb, toys, blankets, pens, and pencils, hair and clothing to remain vigilant, to focus and to remain calm and self-seriousness.

If the child does not stop at the age of four, it has become a habit. And despite negative feedback from mom, dad, Aunt, or perfect-stranger-in-the-street often there is a mood-enhancing, hormonal pay-off for children that go far beyond the agreed reaction.

Also, in many children, smoking continues to be the result of the breathing mechanism Suck Swallow retarded. If you have children who suck their thumb or, early intervention is the best way for children to have the best chance at a beautiful face and a natural, healthy smile.

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