The kidneys are two comparatively small to medium-sized organs in most healthy people. They are positioned with one to the right and one to the left of the spine towards the back of the body. 

The role of the kidney is to control the concentrations of substances in the blood. The kidneys remove excess fluids, eliminate waste, balance electrolytes, and, among other things, increase red blood cell production. This is what happens inside the kidneys. 

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Eventually, the blood exits through the renal arteries from the kidneys. Similarly, waste is excreted via the ureter. 

So what's kidney failure? This caused by a problem that prevents the entrance of enough blood into the kidneys. In the same way, if the work of the kidney is diminished or completely stopped by a kidney problem, it is called renal failure. Eventually, if it is caused by an issue that affects the blood or urine outflow, the term post-renal may be used.

It is a serious condition that should be given immediate attention in each situation. Acute renal failure refers to an instance of sudden and complete failure. This disorder may be triggered over time by unregulated triggers or by unexpected problems when they arise.

If the disease is allowed to progress untreated, kidney failure may lead to death. In some cases, some therapies may be able to restore the sufferer's health whether immediately or in the long run.