The first thing you need before starting is a glass. A popular choice for starters is a glass or wine glass dish. The function of the glass will determine what type of paint you want to use.

If you use plates or other utensils that need to be washed, you should choose a paint that contains thermo hardening. This is a paint that is dried in the oven to make it last longer. If you are looking for glass painting material then you can checkout art glass supplies online.

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An ordinary art brush for canvas works well on glass. You can also apply paint with a sponge to add different textures. Tape can be used to cover the glass in the area you want to clean. The tape also keeps the stencil in place to track the design.

Before applying paint to the glass, you must wash it thoroughly and let it dry. Avoid touching the glass with your fingers, because oil on your skin can prevent the paint from sticking.

Next you need to dip the cotton into rubbing alcohol and gently rub the glass with wet cotton. Allow the glass to dry completely, which should only take a few minutes. This is to ensure that there are stains on the glass or oil from your hands or soap is removed so that it does not affect the paint when applied.