Nowadays, most of the students are confused about how hiring works and how to work with recruiters. In order to be successful, it is important to understand recruiters role and process work.

Recruiters are not career counselors so don’t expect from them that they will immediately look at your resume or understand which career path is good for you. It is your responsibility to know what you want to do and in which organization you want to go. If you want to get more information on recruitment process you can visit

How do recruiters get paid:

Recruiters get paid in two different ways:

1. Contingency contracts: It is a contract between a recruiter and company. A company pays 15-20% of the salary to the recruiter if he finds an employee for them. For example, if your salary is $40,000, the recruiter will get $80,000 in commission.

2. Retained contract: These contracts are not very common these days. In this contract, a college or company pays a recruiting company if they make any placement. These recruiters usually choose college graduates for placements.

Few common things that recruiters use to manipulate college graduates:

1. “Do this favor on me”: Mostly users say this phrase in an indirect manner to politely request you to go for a job interview.

2. “This company is the best”: Recruiter use this phrase to attract you towards the company. Remember one thing, the best companies like Google, Apple, Goldman Sach hire recruiters for college placements.

3. “We have a contract with the company”: Recruiters use this phrase mostly during placements. But this is not true always. It is your duty to ask if your college has “retained contract” with the company or not.

Recruiters are not working for you, they work for organizations. During the phone conversation, you might feel recruiters are friendly in nature but it does not mean that they will work actively to place you. Their main aim is to fill openings in organizations and earn money. If you want to know more things about recruiters you may click here.