Any church leader would strive for a huge number of people at church events that he is planning for future. But the exact number is never known. Sometimes it is more than your expectation while other times it is very less.

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Why does it happen?

Apparently, there are many factors that come into play. Some of them are the time of year, school or popular TV events that are going on the same day as your Church event and the interest level for your offered programs in the event.

A Secret that can make a church event successful

The secret that I am talking about and which is followed by most of the Long Island Churches is: Felt needs.

People from different zones may have different felt needs, which can be represented in areas like health, relationships, career, kids, finances and many more. The Church events that are planned around these areas are often pretty successful.

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Felt needs are what people think that they need and not those that people really need. This fact is known by all the marketers and advertisers of the event. And they make use of this thinking by convincing you that you surely need the product or service that they are selling to you.

These products may include energy drinks, beanie babies, pet rocks, the hula hoop and low Carb Diet. The marketers make think their customers that their lives would not be complete and better without these products. And people literally believe them.

If you want to know about the strategies these marketers make use of, you may contact to the members of a qualified marketing team via

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The marketers and advertisers also uses elicit emotion in their ads, because the emotions can shut down our coherent decision-making capabilities. We buy products on a desire because it feels correct and feels good and not because it is correct or is good.

One more area that is covered by the felt need is Self-improvement. The need of self-improvement affects every phase of our lives and decides that how should we spend our money and time.