Football is the sport most populous in the world today for many centuries. There has been no way to determine the origins of this beautiful game because many cultures have the tradition of playing with a small ball in the field in order to pass the time.

Throughout its development, football has created employment for many people advertising sponsorships and real players who live to entertain. In this regard, football has created some of the best players in the world who are respected and adored in today's world. You can get more information about soccer and soccer live scores via

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Football is widely considered by dozens of spectators in stadiums through television and broadcast on radio. Over the years, the great inventions such as video cameras and recorders have allowed these games to be recorded and stored for future consumption.

This has enabled the people to recapitulate what they missed or watch a replay of the game as it was unforgettable.

Production and distribution of these videos football are done by many people (licensed or unlicensed). Football videos have exposed us to some of the major goals; either accidental or purely engineering.

The world considers the following as some of the greatest goals ever more marked time: Zinedine Zidane left-footed shot against Bayer Leverkusen in the league 2002 final of the Champions, Brazilian Roberto Carlos left freekick 20 meters from the finish against Les Bleus and so on.


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