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Operating System and its categories

An operating system is a system software. Computer hardware and software resources are managed by an operating system. An operating system has an essential role in the functioning of all computer programs. If you want an operating system to get installed anywhere then you can contact operating system professionals at Appy Jack (Official Website:

Below are some of the categories of the operating system available in the market:

Real time

Real time application requests are served by the real time operating system. This operating system is consistent for the proper completion of any task.


This network operating system is a software which easily gets installed on the server through which the server gets the ability to manage data, groups, users, application and many other networking tasks.


The mobile operating system is meant to control a smartphone, tablet, PDA or other mobile devices. Nowadays, a mobile operating system is there which provides you with various features like Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, mobile navigation, camera, video, voice recorder, music player and many others.


Distributed operating system is where different computers are linked by communication. In a distributed operating system, various applications run on multiple computers. Higher levels of communication take place in case of distributed operating system.

Single User

This single user operating system can manage the computer with one user and has the ability to do one thing at a time.

Multi Tasking

Multi tasking operating system is a type of operating system used on desktops and laptop nowadays. This operating system allows personal users to have several operations at the same time.


The multi-user operating system is an operating system which allows various people to use the computer resources simultaneously. Unix is an example of multi user operating system.

Batch Operating System

There is no direct interaction of users with the computer in case of a batch operating system. The jobs are prepared by the user offline and are submitted to the computer operator which is very time-consuming. So, to speed the processing, batches are made for jobs that are similar and run as a group.

Thus, the operating system is considered important for the proper functioning of the jobs on the computer. You can also check this useful post to know more about the operating systems.