Private Investigators or Private Detectives are the people who can carry investigations for anyone who hired them. They can be hired by anyone, including a normal citizen, an organisation or even by attorneys for help in criminal or civil cases.

Private Investigators

Many Private Investigators also work for firms related to insurance in order to inspect any distrustful insurance claims for that firm. They may also be hired by people who are in search of proof of adultery or other prohibited conduct that can lead to divorce or child custody.

Private investigators are also capable of handling background checks, skip tracing and missing person cases. Mostly the private investigation companies are specialized in one particular field like surveillance, skip tracing, bug detection and many others.

Private Detectives

Private investigators are not only limited to the above mentioned fields, there are other areas as well like personal security or details of the bodyguard, fraud Investigations, computer forensics and so on.

Due to the demand of the work, private investigators or detectives have to work in odd hours. They usually work when others are free like in the morning, evening, public holiday and weekend as well.

This is because they are required to speak to different people who may not be free in the normal day timings. There are some agencies like Private Detectives Canberra that provide 24 hours service to the people.


A majority of private investigators and detectives spend their time away from their office conducting surveillance or interviews of people, but it doesn’t mean they always work like that. Investigators of the modern world spend most of their time either in front of their computer screen for searching or making phone calls.

The investigators that are having their own agencies and have other investigators working under them may work from their office only under normal business timings.

In this business there are some situations when a private investigator has to carry a gun with him. In such a case, the person carrying the gun must have a license to carry a gun on duty.