It is difficult to notice a car with automotive paint protection film on it since it is clear but the protective value it carries, is far more important than making it visible.

If you are not familiar with automotive paint protection film, it is a protective film installed in cars to protect paint from potential damage like rock chips, stains, bug splatters and other minor abrasions.

This thermoplastic urethane film (also referred to as clear bra) is clear and usually invisible if it’s properly installed.

The automotive paint protection film will be added on specific areas that are susceptible to damage and these will include the door edges, fenders, rocker panels, hood, side-view mirrors, handles and steps and the bumpers too.

In most cases, a car is at a higher risk of damage on these specific areas and that is why they need to be protected by all means.

It is always a bad experience whenever your car suffers a scratch and if it is the first, it is even worse.

Hence, to guard against those painful experiences and to maintain your car in good shape for a long time, you might want to see to it that it gets an automotive ceramic car coating or ceramic paint protection film on it right from the time you buy it and it becomes part of you.

Well, it will also be useful to do a thorough research on the experts around you who can offer this service and much more than this.

It will be better if you can get to view some of the work they have done before you settle an a specific provider of this service.

A scratch on your car is definitely bad but having a shoddy job done while trying to add the automotive paint protection film on your car, is not any better either.

In the end, do follow the suggestion; go through this blog post as well to get more briefing on this amazing paint protection film.