Android has been in the category of the best operating systems for many years. It has managed to stay on this list by constantly expanding its horizon to include more remarkable features.

The list of these notable features is very long, but the most important thing that everybody likes is the platform for playing uncountable cool games on your Android phone.

You may download most of the games for free, while some are paid and you need to spend some money to have them on your phone.

Android Games

According to a survey, the applications that are downloaded the most are games. There are so many fans of games who have downloaded millions of android games until now.

You can play android games on your computer as well:

If you are a big admirer of android games and play games on your mobile all the time, then you must be aware of the pleasure that comes from playing them. We have something that can make you even happier.

Now you can play your favourite Android games on your laptop or computer. You may be thinking that why would anyone want to play android mobile games on a computer. You are thinking this way because you are not aware of the benefits of this. Let me tell you some of them:

Android Games on PC


The first advantage is that if your mobile does not have android operating system, but you love playing Android games, you can still enjoy those games on your computer.

The next benefit is that, you can check any android game on your laptop or computer before installing them on your android mobile phone. As the android mobile phones have limited memory, you cannot install each and every game that you come across.

The android developers are well aware of the increasing fame of android games so they are trying to take advantage of this by developing more and more exciting games. To get the latest news of android games, you may explore the internet.