Oracle's offshore DBA facility is an essential aspect of the responsibility of software users to securely protect and operate their databases and virtual resources. Oracle itself does not offer the service, they are performed by professional outsourcing companies that understand the needs of their customers and provide the necessary and required support.

They provide services locally or remotely for all types of databases, and most of the time it can be profitable due to the use of a limited personnel strategy, especially when they have to do it remotely. However, these outsourcing companies have different products to offer customers depending on what exactly they want to achieve.

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They provide services in a wide range of versions, including oracles; Oracle 7, Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g on one of the Unix, Linux and Windows platforms. In addition to this, they also provide oracle offshore support in ERP implementation services in Oracle modules such as; Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS and Payroll, and Oracle Supply Chain.

They can also facilitate the migration of customers from their initial ERP systems to Oracle 11i. Companies also offer solutions in the implementation of CRM in most Oracle modules, such as; Oracle eSales, eMarketing Oracle, eSupport, iStore, marketing, eMail Center and Oracle Call Cent.

To achieve this and provide a very technical oracle offshore service, these companies use the services of individuals and experts and professionals with experience in the form of Oracle database administrators. These experts adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the implementation of ERP and CRM solutions.

The extensive experience in several vertical markets allowed them to obtain knowledge of specific business processes in industry processes.  They also can provide the entire life cycle implementation process for Oracle Enterprise Application products.

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