Why advertise? Basic, but not necessarily known. You advertise to maintain the clients you have. You keep your name on the top of their minds. When someone needs a new kitchen blender, where will they buy it?

The local discount store, hardware store or opt to shop online? Many choices. If they need the blender immediately for a margarita party they’ll go to the store they understand sells kitchen blenders. The shop they think of first. If they have time to shop they’ll look at newspaper advertising, online advertising and react to television/radio advertising. Television is one way to attain your current and new customers.

direct response marketing

Direct response tv Р Because of all of the mediums we consume (radio, tv, Internet, etc.) television continues to be the most powerful. The facts support this reality. Television advertising motivates, establishes credibility and adds respect to your company. Television advertising works.

In the age of so many media options, the reason television advertising works better today than a year ago is study. Thanks to the world wide web, we have access to the buying habits, viewing patterns and income ranges for each household.

When you overlap this information with television stations and programming, you have a powerful tool to guide your media placement. Television (direct response media) and Internet have instant data as to what you are watching, when you see, how long you watch and who you are. There’s very little guessing in television media placement anymore. The micro targeting permits you to maximize the impact of your media budget. You would be amazed the results you can achieve.

direct response marketing

How much is the production going to price for my television commercials? There is a hidden answer in this question. Most production houses offering low cost – high quality production will produce a television commercial using stock video and photos in combination with your photographs or video for under five hundred bucks. Be sure you are purchasing the commercial as a”complete buyout”. This means there are no extra fees or royalties.You can also visit this website to know more about television advertising.¬†