Many of us have found that cutting the glass in our studio is a hit or miss proposition. However, glass pattern art does not have to be difficult. Many people only have the basic skills needed to cut pieces of glass for lights or windows.

If you are just a beginner in this field, you may purchase precut circles for your glass art via

How can you make it easier to cut out the glass? Here are some simple tips that will help you. Remember – before you are ready to put your glass in a gallery, you should be able to cut it reliably.

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First, make sure you do not press too hard. How will you know if you cut your glass patterns too assertive? By fusing glass thin, you could end up with a real problem.

Do not press too lightly, either. If you cannot hear a score that made or you cannot see the scoreline was very good, it will be difficult to guess or effectively solve this glass. The scoreline here is not enough for the glass to follow, so you can expect to break in an unusual pattern.

a good score is always consistent, visible, and easy to break. Making them is firm, consistent pressure. Pistol grip cutters are preferred by some because of their better ergonomics. This is one situation where spending a little more on a good cutter is feasible.