Till a few years back nobody wanted to talk or imagine about their death, however with changing time and innovations in technology actually this concept has been also changed. Today due to advanced technologies now, it is possible to record and convey a message to your loved even after you die.

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Thus in a way, you can freeze your knowledge and after your departure, it can be shared with your dear ones. But it is vital to think about your death and plan all the things accordingly in advance as it will let you help your loved ones and in a way, you will be present with them virtually.

Below mentioned are some of the used method to convey goodbye messages:

  • Personal letter
  • Audio or video recording
  • Greeting card
  • Memento and so on.

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Now if you want more details regarding the means then you can consider the following underlined aspects:

  • Create a personal memory album –

    Loved one will for sure appreciate and cherish a personal album that you create just for him or her. You can do this yourself purchase a special scrapbook; fill it with written memories, photos, and mementos and emboss with scrapbooking accessories.

    Or you can use an album service to create a personal, bound photo book at affordable cost. To find a service, type “personal photo book” into your internet search engine.

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  • Arrange a personal email –

    There are several online services that will hold your personal email until your death, then distribute it to those you’ve identified. To find a service, type “final email after death” into an internet search engine.
  • Leave direction for your loved one –

    Whatever type of goodbye you prepare, be sure to leave direction so that your loved ones find what you have left for them.

Furthermore, you may visit this link to know more regarding the ways to prepare for your own death. It is better to search for all these resources when you have time so that you can help your family when you die.