A penetration test simulates a hostile attack against a customer system to identify specific vulnerabilities and to expose methods that can be applied to gain access to the system.

Identified vulnerabilities discovered and abused by a malicious individual, whether they are internal or external threat, could pose a risk to the integrity of the system. Check this out to know more about penetration testing.

Experienced security consultant in charge of completing penetration tests attempt to gain access to information assets and resources by exploiting vulnerability in the system either from internal or external perspective, depending on the requirements of the tests and the operating environment.

In order to provide a level of assurance to the customer that the penetration test has been carried out effectively, the following guidelines should be considered to form the basis for a comprehensive safety assessment.

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Penetration tests must be done thoroughly and include all the necessary channels. It is important that the posture of the test complied with government regulations and policies, and the result should be measurable against the scoped requirements.

It should always appreciate that there is an element of risk associated with the penetration testing activity, especially for the system was tested in a live environment. There are many types of penetration testing which includes fields such as networks, communication services and applications.

The basic processes involved in a penetration test can be broken down as scanning, vulnerability identification, attempted exploitation and reporting.

The extent to which this process is done, depending on the scoping and requirements of the individual tests, along with the time assigned to the testing process and reporting phases.

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