Agricultural science can be defined as the study of the various practices which are involved in the field of agriculture.

Though agricultural science as well as agriculture are related to each other, still they are very different from each other. Agriculture can be defined as the art of growing plants, fruits as well as vegetables for the purpose of human consumption.

Contrary to this, agricultural science deals with the research, improvements as well as developments in the techniques of production, say irrigation management, pest control, and many others.

Along with providing crucial agriculture information it involves all the processes which are necessary for making an improvement in the the quality as well as quantity of the agricultural produce.

Agricultural Science Basic

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Agricultural science deals with the process of transforming the primary products to the finished as well as consumption-ready products. It also involves the prevention as well as correction of any adverse factors, say climatic factors, which may hamper the productivity.

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Agricultural science has been referred to as a local science. This is because  because it has very strong relations to the local areas.

Agricultural Science Basics

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Further, it is often considered to be a science which deals with the Eco-regions as it depends greatly on the climate as well as the properties of the soil in a specific area.

These factors tend to differ greatly from place to place. There are many individuals who are of the opinion that agricultural science is dependable on the local weather as well as the local soil characteristics, therefore particular crops require to be studied locally.

Agricultural science is considered to be a multi-dimensional approach which involves the understanding and practice of numerous economic, social as well as natural sciences that are known to be involved in the field of agriculture.

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