If you want to post a comment to your social media accounts in a newer way then Auto posting is the best alternative in this case. You just have to set a fixed schedule just one time after that you are saved from the worry of scheduling the post.  With auto-posting, you can schedule the post on regular bases.

This helps you in concentrating on the quality of content. You are free from posting responsibility. Your post will post automatically on a pre-set schedule. Facebook auto poster multi poster is the most popularly used software these days.


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Do you want to know how you can post automatically on Facebook? If yes, then continue reading further.

You have to select the account where you want to post scheduling to occur.

After creating a post you can then simply press the Schedule button.

After some time a screen gradually pops up. Here you can manually select the date and time you want posting to occur.

If you want to post in multiple Facebook group then there is another procedure for the same.

auto tool

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All that you need to do is select the group.

Then further create the post. The post can be a text form that can have images and links.  Then you can do post scheduling on required date and time. You can even auto share Facebook post these days.

It is also possible to share a post to a closed group on Facebook.  For this, all you have to do is click on the share post option. Then you have to select where you want to share. On your timeline, you will see on the top of the popup menu share option. Simply click this option.

You have to further select among two options which are Share on a friend’s timeline or Share on your own timeline.