Charging the mommy with a crime sounds somewhat late and unworthy. The only sensible thing to do would be sure she does not hurt the infant she gave birth to some further and attempt to ensure this never happens again.

In the US alone, NAS children or neonatal abstinence syndrome babies are born hooked, increased over 300 percent in the decade after 2000, says the American Medical Association.

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This just includes infants born addicted, not people which are drug exposed and can go home. Who's supposed to be protecting those innocent lives?  It does not do much good to do anything after the fact if there's a tiny life laying at the hospital NICU fighting for the life. 

The ideal answer would be to take her away rights to the infant already born, permanently and also to work on attempts to intervene in the earliest possible stage when a woman gets pregnant.

This would necessitate the support of physicians throughout the country to implement a strategy to discover addiction immediately in elderly women and also to get involved.

There's so much red tape which makes the legislation uncertain. Prosecuting a drug addict, pregnant or not, violates the 8th Amendment and then there's another debate about whether the embryo is regarded as a individual or not. 

Then there are the problems of public policy and equivalent protection which need to be hashed through. Meanwhile, women are giving birth to their addicted baby in five decades. Some girls are becoming convicted while others receive a slap on the wrist. 

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