If you own a website and don’t know how to manage the website using the scripts, then there are a wide range of methods available through which you can initiate to your website’s server. The most commonly used method is FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

The FTP file transfer protocol is used by many of the organizations for exchanging information in their intranet network.This method is used to transfer the files across the internet. You can use this method by either using the stand alone dedicated program or while doing it from your browser.

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The major advantage of using the stand-alone programs over the browser is that you can transfer multiple files to your server without the involvement of time out.

There is a wide range of FTP clients available online having a lot of differences in their graphical interface so it is always essential for you to purchase a good FTP client among them due to the high demand of the ftp transfer program.

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It is important for you to know your administrator’s username and password whenever you want to log into your website’s server. Otherwise, you will not be given any access to execute the changes.

Once you are successfully logged on the server, you will see a listing of the website’s directories. Your click on the directory will open it and then the click on the file will start a download.

Before any transfer of the file, you need to check the transfer mode your client is using. If you don’t have any idea as which mode to use then it will automatically detect the type of file you are transferring to your client.

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You can very easily use this method for uploading and downloading purposes to your website’s server. You can also check this useful reference to know more about the file transfer protocol.