Fiction is wider than reality, as mentioned by Taylor Swift.

Fiction is nothing but the act of pretending, inventing or imagining. This class of literature encompasses the works of creative narration.

Several types of books are obtainable in the markets nowadays. People who love reading books mostly pick their favorite ones from their preferred genre. Books often improve the language skills along with the vocabulary power of a reader.

Somehow, you can call it an exceptional talent that this habit is pretty common among every age segment of people.

fiction books

From kids to adults, we can find a fraction of people that fall under the category of passionate book readers. For example, some have taste for science (physics) fiction; he or she will certainly prefer to read books like Earth to Centauri – The First Journey (Book 1).

Books are written and further published by very intellectual persons who have extreme knowledge in the respective genre since these books are popularly based on imagination, which enables the readers to content their desire for uncertainty and fantasy.

Very few people have taste for reading, but the taste for reading books can be developed at any age. One can start with fiction books, as these books widely embrace numerous genres within them.

Individuals can effortlessly find idealistic fiction novels, science fiction books, etc. at bookstores across the globe. These days, novels are easily available online also.

According to the surveys done, Indian fiction books are also quite liked by the readers along with science fictions books and that is quite astonishing.

new fiction Books

Many renowned authors state that the stories which are portrayed in these books can also be related to real life incidents.

But while writing about the real life situations way too different, authors need to add more adventure and fantasy elements to incite the inquisitiveness of the readers.

(Curious reads must first read reviews about the book as well as authors, but do welcome the new authors because there is no end to the imagination and we must not restrict our knowledge and passion to one genre).

Above all, these books also often carry social messages which can help the people to learn the right values of life.

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Last Modified: November 30, 2017