If you are looking to buy property, it offers you a good business opportunity. Around the world, real estate has always proven to be a big money-spinner whose value grows over time more often than it records.

But first, you have to look for Commercial Property for Sale in Bondi Beach. You must also be able to make an appropriate assessment of the property that depends on the model used for evaluation.


Properties can be evaluated independently or they can be compared to other properties. These models are developed to ensure that every aspect of the property including its past and future sustainability has been taken into account in determining its value in the market.

It takes a bit of a complicated calculation and if needed you can take the help of an expert before making a large scale investment.

You can also have provisions for prospective net rental income that you will get by renting property once you have it. Because this is a commercial property and not a residential property, future leases must be considered.

You should consider variables such as the average interest rate for the past 20 years. This should also include the average inflation rate over the past few years and the rate of rental growth. But to be more realistic, you might also consider the degree of emptiness.