We all are well aware of the fact that in the technology sector there is greater advancement these days.  This is all connected to the development of augmented reality (AR). This technology deals with live computer-generated imagery. The computer-based applications further help in improvement of augmented reality.

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You can view the real-world environment as virtually created one through this technology.  It effectively syncs the virtual world with the real world. This technology is even registered in the form of 3 dimensions.


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The display used in the augmented reality app is listed below. These displays are varied accordingly.

The use of handheld gadgets like the iPhone and Android phone

There are spatial displays that help in showing the image on computer generated surface

Another display is head mounted display such as HUD (heads up display) helmets, the prototype of Google Project Glass.

In lots of fields, you may find the use of AR technology. This technology is even used by modern warfare and the gaming industry. The viewing experience is enhanced to a larger extent by the use of this technology.

The application making use of AR technologies are listed below:


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Air force

The use of this technology is done by the fighter pilots in the form of HMD (Head Mounted Display).  The device accurately shows data such as jet speed, altitude, horizon line, etc. You do not have to keep a check on the dashboard and you can simply concentrate on the battlefield. Browse here to know more about AR technologies.


There are mobile applications which are using AR technology for displaying facts and figures related to historical monuments or structures.