The present Chairman and Chief Executive of Caspian Group Rob Sobhani is an  American author and lecturer on energy issues, U.S. immigration policies and U.S. policy, known for his excellent literary work, U.S. Senate campaigns &  jobs and education campaign in the USA.

He was born in Kansas & earned his bachelors and later his Ph.D. in Political Economy at Georgetown University where he later served as an adjunct professor in political economy for 15 years.

Apart from his English literature, Sobhani also writes for foreign affairs such as – King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: A Leader of Consequence and The Pragmatic Entente: Israeli-Iranian Relations, 1948-1988.

He is in limelight for his new book Press Two For English, which outlays U.S. immigration policies and its fallout in the current situation.

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The book begins by introducing the adverse results of unmanaged, legal and illegal immigrants policy & how it affects the local economies & people.

Further, In order to address the current failure of the system, he explains the five golden solutions to reform the US immigration system.

In his book, he talks about the five-year immigration moratorium and revaluation of family reunification policies. He stated that how people across the world, especially from economically weak countries, prefer to immigrants in the U.S. in hope of quality life.

His books are successfully delivering his aim on how to promote economic sustainability and political progress among developing countries to hold their civil and how to motivate them to live & contribute in their own nation for its progress.