Youth is the face of any country. How well guided is the youth of the country will decide the future of the country. However, after high school, students often get confused what career choice would be right for them.

Nobody can take this decision for you. But in case if you have the love for taking care of people, a career in the dental industry could be great for you. More importantly, to become a dental assistant (DA), you do not have to go through four years long degree course.

Dental Assistant

You need to go through a one-year dental assisting training program. Once you are done with your dental assistant training you will be awarded certificate III in dental assisting. AADA is the name that is worth to consider when you are planning to opt for a career in dental assisting.

The dental assistant training course includes the following curriculum:

  • 3 days orientation program at the dental clinic
  • 1-2 day per week online study
  • 3 days per week work placement in dental clinic
  • Assessment by industry expert on various stages of training

dental assistant student

If you want to kickstart your career dental industry you need to go through the dental assistant training. Training institution also provides the benefits for the student to get hired in a partner dental clinic. More importantly, once you are certified with certificate III in dental assisting you can work as a DA anywhere in the Australia.

Salary packages offered in the dental industry are quite lucrative. Therefore, more and more youth is enrolling in the dental assistant training courses. If you also want to enroll yourself in the dental assistant training course, you can use this link:

dental assistant working

Because of attractive salary packages, healthy work environment, and great work-life balance, the dental assistant is the most sought of career option for the youth of Australia. You can also browse this website to know more about the dental assisting.