Does your smartphone drop down again? And now you are worried about its repair that needs an entire day. Well, you should take smartphone insurance so that you get a replacement for your smartphone. Yes, you read it right. Smartphone Insurance policy gives a wide range of services if you lost or broke your phone.

Smartphone Insurance

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However, you should not rush to grab any policy. Take your own time and decide which policy is most suitable for your requirement. You have to check each and every plan in detail and then go for the best one. Many insurance policy companies such as SFAM  are providing insurance coverage for the mobile and smart products.

In this article, we’ll discuss what things you have to consider while choosing the best smartphone insurance from an insurance agent.

Cellphone Insurance is a helpful solution if you have just broken your phone and want a replacement. Various things you should consider. Some of them are:


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Who you can buy insurance from?

The insurance company is worth important to consider as you have to pay them and get replacement when you need. There should not be high deductible that empties your pocket at the end.

What replacement phone you could get?

You will get a replacement phone when you file a claim for it. You will get a replaced phone according to the payment. But if you give your phone for repair it will cost you heaven.

How big deductible you’d face?

It is very important to know how much deductible you have to pay to the insurance agent every month because deductibles would be the way you get any compensation or replacement. Ask the insurance agent next time when you go for it.

If you are rough with your phone, cell phone insurance is the best investment. Owning an insurance policy guarantees peace of mind and you will be to use your phone without fear. Check out here to know why you need to protect your brand new smartphone.