Amish people are sometimes referred to as plain people due to the fact that they like to live a simple lifestyle that is free from modern day conveniences. They do this because they feel that contemporary conveniences distract people from what is truly important in life. Even though they believe that technology is not evil, they are of the opinion that it is not conducive to the Christian way of living. Some consider adopting some contemporary changes as is evident in Amish Modern Lifestyle Transformation Ministries Books.

Some of the things that this community have adopted is the use of mobile phones and computers. These are conveniences that are necessary, especially when one is running a business. For instance, their clients can call them and order what they want. Also, by using computers, they can take advantage of software that help them perform various tasks, such as maintaining a payroll system.

They can use credit cards. This helps them to manage their businesses and personal lives responsibly, as long as they manage their credit cards well. This prevents them from getting marginalized in the contemporary world.

They have embraced the use of the Internet. This is as long as good boundaries are maintained. Their main fear about the Internet is how it can negatively affect them. For instance, they fear for the social media platforms can negatively affect their children and make them develop bad habits. Therefore, the ministry is dedicated to letting people use technology to help them advance their lives, as long as the technology beings used is properly managed.

Young people in this community strive to resist the trappings of the contemporary world. This includes not participating in sports, clubbing, music and other forms of entertainment. They prefer to invest their energy in doing more helpful things, such as spending more time with others in their community. They learn how to be responsible and independent at a young age, such that they know how to do a lot of things for themselves.

The community has also accepted the use of mobile phones. This is as long as they are used responsibly. For example, when people are gathered, they are asked not to use the phones, so as to respect the gathering. They might use them to check messages and time only. They have adopted the use of technology as they cannot ignore change and live the way they used to live in the past.

In addition, even though the use of technology is accepted in the workplace, so as to be able to remain competitive in the marketplace, there are restrictions that have been made at home. For instance, many homes are still solar powered and even though some people use the computer at work, they will not use it at home.

The idea behind the Amish way of life is to be a good example in the world. They do not think that they are better than other people, just because of the kind of lifestyle that they choose. Rather, they chose to have honest relationships with other people and respect others in a contemporary world.