In today’s digital age, things are changing so fast that businesses have to cope with it. One such change happens in a very short period of time in the field of digital marketing is the rise of “Video advertising”.

Today, for even simple query people search the internet and look for a relevant information quickly. Generally, new generation does not like to spend time on reading the text. Gone are the days when people use newspaper to get information or update.

using internet

Even people are not willing to spend 15-20  minutes on the blog rather they love watching the video. Around 55% of internet users watch videos every day and by the end of 2017 online videos will account for the 74% of the online traffic. Digital agency Dubai provides the services of video advertising for every type of businesses.

Online video advertising has numerous benefits that it cannot be articulated in one post. Here are the four key benefits of online video advertising:

Rapid expansion

People love to share the video, they found useful and helpful. Your videos can go viral and get millions of views within in few days. Moreover, it helps you to interact with millions of viewers in most impactful and efficient way.

rapid growth


Video tells you the story in a more user-friendly way than any other form of marketing. A good video can convey a lot of information in a very short period of time. Web design company in Dubai is famous for making short, funny and informative videos.    

Increased sales

After viewing the video ads more than one-third of the visitors purchase the product. Sales conversion rate is good for video advertising.

increase sales

Good for SEO

A website that contains video content is ranked high in search engine results. Search engines give priority to the relevant video content and video ads increase the duration of time visitor spend on your webpage.

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